German Tuition for Adults

Möchten Sie Deutsch lernen? Oder Ihr Deutsch verbessern? -Do you want to learn German or brush up on your German? Then read on.

Cologne Cathedral and Gross St Martin

Cologne Cathedral and Gross St Martin

Though most Germans actually speak English (it’s the first foreign language we learn at school, unless you have been brought up in the former GDR, where it’s Russian) – sometimes travellers just feel it would be better, easier and also more polite to be able to converse in German. And if you are a creative professional who plans to move to Germany to study or start a new life and career – speaking the language is essential.

I am here to help you if you are new to the German language or have already lots of experience.

How do I work?

I mostly work via Skype. If you haven’t got Skype you can download it free here. I offer face-to-face lessons for students in Cardiff too.

Before the first lesson I send out a brief questionnaire to find out how much German you know and what motivates you.

Lessons are mostly student-led – which means I listen to what you want to learn and achieve in your lessons. I work with various learning materials and will recommend books for beginners to work with after initial assessment. For students, who are mostly interested in conversation I will source appropriate material and provide useful links. I believe that lessons should be fun, relaxed and enjoyable and that students should be able to ask questions and set pace. My lessons also include homework, e-mail support and the occasionally helpful resource and lots of cultural background.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons last between 45 – 60 minutes

How much does a lesson cost?

£30 per lesson (60 mins)


How can I pay?

You can either pay using Paypal  / Stripe or by BACS (if you book 10 lessons in advance)

On registering I will send you my invoice and payment has to be made before the start of the lesson.

Once I have received payment I will send you my Skype details.

To book your first lesson please use contact me via my contact page here to arrange a date and time. Once your lesson is booked, you will receive a payment request from me via Paypal. Alternatively, you can pay by BACS (if you book 10 lessons in advance).

Please check your spam folder when you contact me – I always reply to emails (unless they are spammy).

Terms & Conditions

Short and sweet:

Payment has to be made prior to every lesson (or if you buy 10 lessons, before the first lesson). In the event you have to cancel a lesson – please cancel 24 hours beforehand. This gives me a chance to re-schedule a lesson with another student. I reserve the right to issue a cancellation fee of £15 if you forget to cancel your lesson 24 hours beforehand.  

I also expect you to be prepared for your lesson and do the homework, if homework is given. Your success is determined by your own motivation and the effort that you put into learning the language.

Please contact me here if you are interested in lessons or have further questions.

I am offering a referral scheme:

Get 50% off per lesson for each successfully referred student who books a lesson with me.

What my students say:

“I have taken up learning German for business reasons more than personal to help me in my interaction with my colleagues across our company. While I am midway through my learning I have already been able to put in to practice what I have learned and feel more confident to hold a conversation.

Helen’s approach and flexibility has meant that I am able to juggle work commitments around my lessons. What has been key is that we have been able to tailor the lesson to my needs, focus on some areas more than others. I am in control of the pace of learning, of course time and personal effort outside of these lessons drives this.”

Skander D., Barry


“I have been having German lessons with Helen for several weeks now and am really enjoying them. She started with a brief assessment of my language skills and my knowledge of both German and other languages so that she could tailor the lessons to my needs. It helps that she draws on her own experience of learning languages in order to understand areas where I may be having difficulties. She is professional, helpful, friendly, and supportive, helping me to realise that I do know the answer when I think I am stuck. All round a very good tutor, thank you.”

David Parris-Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil


 I also offer a pronunciation course. You can find more information here: Speak German with Confidence.

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