German Tuition for GCSE/A-Level students

Are you looking for a friendly German tutor for your child?  Then read on..


Hohenzollernbruecke, Cologne

I am offering German tuition to pupils in Cardiff who are working towards their GCSE’s and A-Level exams. I utilise the same books as the majority of Cardiff High Schools.

For GCSE: Logo and Echo

For A-Level: Zeitgeist

I also use exam papers set by the WJEC and other learning materials such as German magazines and newspapers.

I want pupils to enjoy the lessons and I aim to tailor them to their individual needs and interests as much as possible.

How does it work?

After your initial enquiry I will send you a short questionnaire to find out which level your child is at, what books he/she uses and what he/she struggles with. This helps me to prepare for the first session and take it from there.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons last 60  minutes.

How much does it cost?

£30 per lesson.

If you refer me to a friend you get an extra free lesson.

An additional charge of £6 applies if I come to your home. Please note I will only travel within Cardiff.

Terms & Conditions

Short and sweet:

Payment should be made at the beginning of the lesson.If you buy 10 lessons, payment for all lessons shoulde be made at the beginning of the first lesson. In the event you have to cancel a lesson – please cancel 24 hours beforehand. This gives me a chance to re-schedule a lesson with another student. I reserve the right to issue a cancellation fee of £15 if you forget to cancel your lesson 24 hours beforehand. 

 Are you CRB checked?


Do you have any pets?

Yes. Please be aware that we have a very friendly and nosy cat, who might come into to the room to say hallo. If your child is allergic to cats I suggest lessons should take place at your home.

Can I stay with my child during the lesson?

Yes, you are welcome to do so if you wish.

Please contact me here if you are interested in lessons or have further questions.

Please check your spam folder when you have contacted me. I always reply to email- unless it’s spammy! 

I am offering a referral scheme:

Get 50% off per lesson for each successfully referred student who books a lesson with me.

What my students say:

“Helen is a fantastic tutor who boosted my grade from a predicted B to an A*. I believe the support she gave was invaluable especially her advice on how to answer exam questions. If it not for her I probably would not achieved the grade I did.”

Manan Bagga, Cardiff

“I was taught by Helen for a few months before my A level exams and found her teaching really helpful, especially with my grammar. It was also really useful to be able to speak with a native German speaker, and I think this improved my speaking skills and vocab a lot. In the end I got an A* in my A level, which Helen’s teaching definitely contributed to. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their German!”

Eleanor Herbert-Richards, Penarth


“Being tutored by Helen is very helpful to me especially as my school does not offer German as a GCSE. I learn a lot of German in each lesson and the lessons are great because I can practice my German skills with a native German speaker. I find the lessons with Helen extremely helpful and she is a wonderful tutor who will make the effort to help improve your knowledge of the language.”

Tamara Pereira, GCSE student, Cardiff – Tamara went on to get an A* in her GCSE exams.


“I would definitely recommend Helen to anyone who needs help or is looking to improve their understanding of the language and speaking skills in German. Helen is a lovely person and i am really glad to have her as my tutor :)”

Rebecca Wieser, A-Level student, Cardiff – Rebecca got a B in her A-Level exams.

“A year ago my son was really struggling with his German GCSE and was failing his oral assessments. With Helen’s help his grades have improved remarkably and he managed an ‘A’ for his final GCSE assessment.  He has really enjoyed his lessons with Helen, his confidence has flourished and we are now hopeful that he will get a good grade for his GCSE in a few weeks time. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for extra tuition and support for their German exams.”
Clare Rowntree, mother of GCSE student Sam. Sam got an A for his GCSE exams.
I also offer a pronunciation course. You can find the details here: Speak German with Confidence.
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