Testimonials from my students.

Here you can find testimonials from my students:

“Helen is a fantastic tutor who boosted my grade from a predicted B to an A*. I believe the support she gave was invaluable especially her advice on how to answer exam questions. If it not for her I probably would not achieved the grade I did.”

Manan Bagga, Cardiff, GCSE student

“I was taught by Helen for a few months before my A level exams and found her teaching really helpful, especially with my grammar. It was also really useful to be able to speak with a native German speaker, and I think this improved my speaking skills and vocab a lot. In the end I got an A* in my A level, which Helen’s teaching definitely contributed to. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their German!”

Eleanor Herbert-Richards, Penarth, A-Level student

“A year ago my son Sam was really struggling with his German GCSE and was failing his oral assessments. With Helen’s help his grades have improved remarkably and he managed an ‘A’ for his final GCSE assessment.  He has really enjoyed his lessons with Helen, his confidence has flourished and we are now hopeful that he will get a good grade for his GCSE in a few weeks time. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for extra tuition and support for their German exams.”

Clare Rowntree, mother of GCSE student, Cardiff

“Being tutored by Helen is very helpful to me especially as my school does not offer German as a GCSE. I learn a lot of German in each lesson and the lessons are great because I can practice my German skills with a native German speaker. I find the lessons with Helen extremely helpful and she is a wonderful tutor who will make the effort to help improve your knowledge of the language.”

Tamara Pereira, GCSE student, Cardiff

“I would definitely recommend Helen to anyone who needs help or is looking to improve their understanding of the language and speaking skills in German. Helen is a lovely person and i am really glad to have her as my tutor :)”

Rebecca Wieser, A-Level student, Cardiff

“I have taken up learning German for business reasons more than personal to help me in my interaction with my colleagues across our company. While I am midway through my learning I have already been able to put in to practice what I have learned and feel more confident to hold a conversation.

Helen’s approach and flexibility has meant that I am able to juggle work commitments around my lessons. What has been key is that we have been able to tailor the lesson to my needs, focus on some areas more than others. I am in control of the pace of learning, of course time and personal effort outside of these lessons drives this.”

Skander Djotni, Barry

“I have been having German lessons with Helen for several weeks now and am really enjoying them. She started with a brief assessment of my language skills and my knowledge of both German and other languages so that she could tailor the lessons to my needs. It helps that she draws on her own experience of learning languages in order to understand areas where I may be having difficulties. She is professional, helpful, friendly, and supportive, helping me to realise that I do know the answer when I think I am stuck. All round a very good tutor, thank you.”

David Parris-Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil

“Helen taught me for a about a year. We had enjoyable lessons – which were successful, I think, because they were flexible. Sometimes, the lesson followed a theme/plan that I requested. Other times, Helen conducted the lesson in a very structured way. I learned a lot of everyday German, interesting vocabulary and had plenty of opportunity to express myself! Helen’s standard of English is excellent so I didn’t have to worry about listening to detailed explanations in German. That part was done in English. All homework was marked meticulously. Occasionally, Helen and I took a break from our work and discussed contemporary Germany – differences between cities, culture and so on. It was very nice to have a regular feeling of achievement – which I usually had by the end of each lesson! Definitely recommended.”

Camilla Eyres, Teacher, Cardiff

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