Please note: This is only a small selection, for some articles there are no links available. I have only created a few pdfs for some articles. I am happy to send pdf samples of articles with no link on request.

Books I have proofread:

” Wie Sie Ihre Naehmaschine bedienen.” by Alison McNicol

Wie Sie Ihre Naehmaschine bedienen

“Meine erste Naehmaschine.” by Alison McNicol

Books I have translated:

“Wie man Gitarre spielt.” by Ben Parker

Wie man Gitarre spielt

“Wie man Ukulele spielt.” by Ben Parker

“Meine erste Gitarre” by Ben Parker

Meine erste Gitarre



Lighting up Berlin (InterPark Issue September-October 2012)


Please note that some of these links might not work any longer as the website owner has archived them.

MEET: Cathy Nunes (UK Handmade 15/01/2014)

MEET: Jolene Wolfe (UK Handmade 20/11/2013)

MEET: Cara Jane (UK Handmade  31/7/2013)

MEET: Claire Doherty from Clasibags (UK Handmade 10/4/2013)

MEET: Lesley Nixon of Mad Cat Glass (UK Handmade 14/11/2012)

MEET: Mike Jory (UK Handmade 3/7/2012)

BUSINESS: How to Organise a Successful Craft Fair (UK Handmade 10/5/2012)


Creating a blog (Published in Making Jewellery, August 2011)

Step into summer – Show off your feet with these easy to create stylish foot thongs (Published in Making Jewellery, August 2011)

Mastering polymer canes (Published in Making Jewellery, January 2011)

Ergonomics for jewellery artists Part 1: The back friendly work environment (Published in Making Jewellery, March 2011)

Ergonomics for jewellery artists Part 2: Injury prevention (Published in Making Jewellery, April 2011)

 First Person

How to have social media detox (Published on the Huffington Post website, September 2016)

5 things living with chronic pain has taught me (Published on the Huffington Post website, August 2016)

Surviving a life with severe migraines..part 1 (Published at MeMeMe, September 2016)

10 tips to help manage your severe migraine headache (Published at MeMeMe, September 2016)

Bobby geht “Gassi” (Published in Geliebte Katze, September 2009

I was adopted by my stepfather – at 37(Published in G2, The Guardian, March 27, 2009)


Open Learning (Published in SecEd, 11March 2010, page 13)

Going green in the classroom (Published in Vision,January 2010, page 16-18)

Making a difference. (Published in SecEd, 3 December 2009, page 12)

Celebrating 125 years. (Published in SecEd, 9 July 2009, page 22)

Getting Engaged. (Published in Vision Magazine, Issue 9, July 2009)

How can schools make modern foreign languages more attractive to students? Using the help of native speakers and the medium of film could be the answer..(Published in SecEd, 30 April 2009)

Brainbox: neuroscience and learning. (Published in Vision Magazine, Issue 8, January 2009)

Help is out there. (Published in SecEd, September 2008, page 15)

 Work and Career

Writing yourself out of a hole. (Published in Press Gazette)

Foreign writers can put the accent on being unique. (Published in Press Gazette)

Worth checking out. (Published in The Guardian)

How to become a screen legend. (Published in The Guardian)

Pleasures and pitfalls of working abroad. (Published in Writer’s Forum, October 2005)

How to: Have children and a freelance career. (Published on Journalism.co.uk )


Living with migraine. (Published in MAA Newsletter, p.6)

Managing migraine. (Published in Good Health)


Schutzengel für bedrohte Tiere (profile Barbara Maas, Care For The Wild International; published in Ein  Herz für Tiere, October 2004)

Die Katzenflüsterin (profile Vicky Halls; published in Geliebte Katze, September 2005)

Ein privater Coach für den Beruf (profile Maria Bayer; published in Kieler Nachrichten, June 2002)

 Cats and Animal Welfare

Mit Katze im Rucksack durch Amerika (Published in Geliebte Katze, Maerz 2010)

Bobby geht “Gassi” (Published in Geliebte Katze, September 2009

Eine wilde Bande -(profile of Scottish wildcat breeders Alan and Morag Paul; published in Geliebte Katze,  February 2002)

Das sind Englands Katzen-Heroes (annual Cats Protection rescue cat awards 2008; published in Geliebte Katze, December 2008)

Ich kann nicht wegsehen (about cat rescue in Iraq; published in Geliebte Katze, September 2008)

Himmel für Davongekommene (about chicken rescue; published in Ein Herz für Tiere,January 2006)


Jagd nach den “grauen Rosinen” (travel piece about whale watching in Kaikoura, New Zealand; published in Kieler Nachrichten March 2002)


Customised materials for flexible use/Small and Safe (published in Medical Device Developments 2007)

Brainbox: neuroscience and learning. (Published in Vision Magazine, Issue 8, January 2009)  

Contributions to books

Das große Köln für kleine Leute, Stadtwege Publishers, Cologne 1994 (Handbook for parents who live in  Cologne; research and text on the topic transport)

Ratgeber Freie, Vistas Publishers 2003 (Handbook for freelance journalists, chapter on training as a PR  journalist at the FAW)




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