My plans for 2017

In this blog post I share with you my plans for 2017.

First of all I would like to wish my readers ein frohes neues Jahr  – or Happy New Year.

Good riddance to 2016.

May this year bring you everything you wish for. I think we can all agree that 2016 was a disaster and most people were just glad to say good riddance to 2016! Many beloved celebrities died – David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, George Michael, Carrie Fisher – the list goes on and on. Wars in Yemen and Syria are still ongoing. The world suffered many more terrorist attacks. Then there was Brexit – something that also generated many column inches. I don’t want to dwell on this for too long but can’t deny that the outcome of the referendum (that should never have happened in the first place) had an impact on me.

I am one of an estimated 3 Million EU citizens living and working in the UK – and I was not allowed to vote in the referendum. After the vote to leave I noticed reports on the rise of xenophobic attacks on EU citizens. I felt really depressed for a while and for about three months I had chronic daily headaches due to the sheer worry and limbo I and fellow EU citizens have found ourselves in.  I joined a support group for EU citizens but found the posts simply too depressing and left. I didn’t want Brexit to affect my life any further. Most of my friends on FB were shocked and disappointed by the leave vote. They fear the sheer economic implications it will have on them and their families.

It’s January and apart from the proposed leave date in March we still don’t know what will happen to the UK citizens abroad and the EU citizens over here.  My dad, who has a British passport and been living in Germany for over 44 years,  discovered last year that he can have dual citizenship so he applied for the German passport. I don’t know what I am going to do. I have to wait and see and just get on with my life and business.

German magazine Stern with a review of 2016

German magazine “Stern” with a review of 2016

Another thing that shocked the world was the election of Donald Trump. I had an inkling he would win the presidency (call me Mystic Meg).  I mostly feel sorry for my American friends who are really badly affected by the outcome of this bizarre election. Let’s hope he can’t do too much damage within 4 years and just get bored after 100 days in office. There’s no point in staying miserable though.

German news magazine "Der Spiegel" with a review of 2016

German news magazine “Der Spiegel” with a review of 2016

What else happened in my own life?

I helped one student getting a B in her German A-Levels. I also taught another young student German from scratch so she can now go on to do her GCSE’s in German. I am currently teaching a boy to pass his German GCSE’s.

I also had to deal with continuing chronic pain issues which sometimes can make it hard to work. And we went to Cologne this Christmas to see my dad, sister and grandmother. I also met with an old friend of mine and his wife and had a great time at the Christmas market, where I bought this cute nativity scene and tree decorations. They are handmade with olive wood in Bethlehem.

Nativity scene from the Cologne Christmas market on Neumarkt.

Nativity scene from the Cologne Christmas market on Neumarkt.

Tree decorations from the Cologne Christmas market on Neumarkt.

Tree decorations from the Cologne Christmas market on Neumarkt.

So what are my plans for 2017?

I have decided to concentrate more on the tuition side of my business. I like working with young people, but I want to expand and reach adults who want to learn German via Skype. Last year I therefore took some time to create a pronunciation course which I am hoping to launch in February/March. The course is currently in the testing phase. I also want to include an option on my website for a free 15 minute lesson. Another course which is currently being tested by my husband (who always says he wants to learn German) is also going to be launched this year. When depends really on my husband who has to find the time to put in the work. This means also that I have to give the website a bit of a face lift and change a few things around and add extra pages.

I also have plans for my other business – if you are interested you can find my blog post about it here.

And that’s it really for the moment. I bet once the year progresses I will come up with more ideas and plans for the business, but this is as far as I got.

So what have you planned for this year? Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading

Helen x



Helen White

I am a bilingual journalist, jewellery designer, German tutor, and translator – and I am passionate about cats.

Helen White – who has written posts on Helen Kaut Press.

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