Your German vocabulary guide: Football.

In this guide German vocabulary guide I am sharing with you lots of useful words around the subject of football and the World Cup.

Update: I wrote this post two years ago just at the start of the World Cup in Brazil. Since then a few things have happened. The German team not only managed to beat Brazil 7:1, but went on to become World Champion, beating a rather dull Argentian team. The European Cup starts on the 10th of June and takes place in France. Given the recent Islamist terrorist attacks that happened in France, people are worried about security during the championship. I hope all goes well and I will be rooting for Wales this time. The last time they qualified for the UEFA Euro was in 1976 and for the World Cup in 1958. Anyway-  this was the original post from starting with an apology first.

First of all apologies for my irregular posting on this new blog. The reason is simple – I have another blog I originally started in conjunction with this website and it grew into my jewellery, cat and animal welfare blog “Helen’s Paws for Thought”. I am trying to post once a week and find it at the moment so much easier to come up with new posts for my other blog.

This new blog has to find its niche a bit. As I am offering German tuition I thought I use this as a starting point. So without further delay – today’s post is a simple vocabulary guide for Fuball fans – just in time for the World Cup. For some reason WP doesn’t like special symbols which includes the eszet symbol (as you can see in the previous sentence it messes it up) – so I had to replace them all with “ss” but it should be that special symbol, which is very common in the German language and follows a long vowel sound (a good rule to remember).

image by Geralt

image by Geralt

Anyway – if you can understand the following sentence you already know a few essential words:
“Und Deutschland gewann beim Elfmeterschiessen.”

And here we go:
die Fussballweltmeisterschaft = World Cup
die Bundesliga = federal division
das Tor = goal also as in shouting “Toooooor”
ein Eigentor schiessen = to score an own goal
das Elfmeterschiessen = penalties
einen Foulelfmeter verhängen = to award /give a penalty
das Abseits= offside
die Abseitsfalle = offside trap
die Abseitsregel = offside rule
das Foul = foul
die Rote Karte= red card
die Gelbe Karte= yellow card
der Schiedsrichter / die Schiedsrichterin = referee
holzen (verb) = play dirty
langweilig (adjective) = boring as in: das Spiel ist so langweilig
der Pfosten = goal post
die Ersatzbank = substitutes’ bench
die Mannschaft = team
die gegnerische Mannschaft = opposing team
der Trainer/ Mannschaftstrainer = coach/ team coach
der/die Auswechselspieler/in = substitute
der Torwart = goalkeeper
das Leder = leather – one of the clichés used in German footie reports is to say “das runde Leder” instead of Fussball
das Trikot = shirt
die Fussballschuhe = football boots
der Einwurf = throw-in
einen Eckball treten = to take a corner
einen Eckball verwandeln = to score from a corner
spannend/ die Spannung steigt = tense/the tension is rising
das Heimspiel = home match/ game
der Heimsieg = home win
das Auswärtsspiel = away match/game
Spieler auswechseln = to replace/ substitute player
der Anpfiff = blow the whistle to start the game
der Abpiff = final whistle
die Halbzeit = second half
die Nationalhymne = national anthem
die Torlinie = goal line
der Treffer= goal
der Ausgleich/ Ausgleichstreffer = equalizer
der Weltmeister = world champion
gewinnen = to win
die Trophäe = trophy

der Europameister = European champion


image by Stux

image by Stux

This is just a short list of words to start you off, so you can discuss the World Cup (* or now the European cup) with your German friends or colleagues.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Helen White

I am a bilingual journalist, jewellery designer, German tutor, and translator – and I am passionate about cats.

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