Why choose a native speaker for your German translations?

There are plenty of free translation websites available on the internet, but these tools can’t guarantee an accurate translation and the the result is often gobbledegook. If translation accuracy of your documents is vital then it makes sense to entrust them to a translator who is a native speaker and who knows the subtleties of the language.

I am a freelance German native speaker and translator with a Master’s Degree in English language and literature. I have considerable experience in journalistic and PR work in which I have extensively used both languages. For  German publications I typically translate my features from English into German as all my research is done in English. Often my assignments from British publications have been commissioned on the strength of my German and in the past I had to interview people in German and translate these interviews into English.

You can find examples of my articles on my portfolio page.

I prefer translating from English into German, but also offer German into English translations.

For more information please contact me here.

Millenium Building - Cardiff.

Millenium Building – Cardiff.