An apology for the lack of posts..

I just noticed that my last blog post was written in August!! And it was supposed to be part for a short series of posts about ways to learn German. So what happened? Well life happened and got in the way. One reason is my continuing shoulder pain, which gets worse when I type, so I have to work in short bursts. Then there’s the fact that I also have a second business – my jewellery business and this also has a blog attached. And I have to admit I find it easier to write my posts for that one. Work has picked up as well and I am finding myself busy teaching and translating. Balancing all these different types of jobs is not always easy and something’s got to give – and unfortunately I ended up neglecting this blog. I hope I can rectify this shortly and am planning to post at least once a month.
So I have to get out my diary and really sit down and plan ahead. I certainly don’t want to leave such a long gap between posts again.

Thanks for reading.

PS: To all those people who keep spamming me with SEO improvement offers – please don’t waste my time or yours. I really don’t need this kind of help. Thanks.

Helen White

I am a bilingual journalist, jewellery designer, German tutor, and translator – and I am passionate about cats.

Helen White – who has written posts on Helen Kaut Press.

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